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Below are my thoughts and Ideas. My offerings, my musings.


The muses made art, they chanted, and they danced, they inspired us. Their words were filled with beauty, their eyes fixed on the heavens and their feet firmly planted in the earth, they taught us balance. 

They drew out the creatives in us. Here in this space I pay homage to their gifts. I have only my words to offer but I lift them up with great joy and in the spirit of authenticity.  These may be my words but they are housed here in this safe space for us to share and to discuss. Allow them to settle into your subconscious and see what arrives. 

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Hi! I am Candice and Welcome to my website. This site was created to provide an environment that promotes creative collaboration. My personal musings and unfinished pieces are also available for you explore. Let’s get creative, together! 

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