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“Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words.” Rumi

Bond :

A relationship between two things or situations, especially where one thing affects the other.

We are all intrinsically linked.

Connection, association, relationship, ties, bonds, link.

We see these words daily and as a result, they have become inconsequential and assumed, taken for granted. We did not see this coming. This separation. Nor did we see how it would affect us.

We have gathered since our beginning.

Small communities at first but it was in these small, intimate communities that we first learned to thrive. At the dawn of our existence we quickly realized that we needed each other to continue to exist.

Even then instinctually we knew that we were stronger together then apart.

We are apart now and the space between us is palpable. It carries its own energy.

Weighted around us. And yet… connections are still being made and even more than that, cherished.

Every time someone reaches out to me and says” stay safe.” or sends a relatable meme I savor it. There it is ..connection.

Our constant urge to reach out to each other, is needle joining the thread that binds us. This quilt of bonds and relationship that we weave together is “the fabric of our lives”. Each stitch takes effort and the fabric is fragile, there has been so much superficial bonding in recent years that most of us have forgotten how to stitch, our fingers are stiff and not as nibble when handing such delicate material as true human connection.

This is shifting for all of us. Connection and the communities that join us together are becoming sacred.

In the time of quarantine, we have begun to reawaken to how connected we truly are, now that we are being forced to be apart.

We are relearning what being in relationship truly means to us and how it enriches our day to day lives.

I don’t think there is a single person who hasn’t felt the effects of this isolation and deep within their souls reflected on how different our new normal will be. We will never take our bonds for granted again.

Even the most introverted person enjoys human interaction albeit from a distance. There is an energetic pulse to people gathered in a space, moving around a city, we bring the buildings to life. We are the energy.

In the silence of our current solitude we must continuously remind ourselves that our relationships are delicate and precious, we must relearn how to handle our connections, our bonds and communities with love and care.

We must adapt, explore, create new pathways. Our objective now more than ever, is just as it was in the beginning... to connect. To stay together, to relate to one another especially when things are at their bleakest. Whatever differences we had before they are inconsequential now. We are bigger than that which once separated us, the need to be in connection with our neighbor, friend, sister, our community takes over.

Have hope my friends for it is our innate ability to adapt that has safeguarded our survival and we are resilient. Even now we learn new ways to communicate every open channel is explored. We are remote but we are not islands, we are connected like cays along the water, delicately interlinking following the links and vibrations of hope that leads us to each other.

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