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My Previous collaborations were serendipitous and organic. They were fruitful. Through creative collaboration with Judith, Rebecca and Cameron, my books came to life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with them, they are all amazingly talented artist. Cameron is an incredibly gifted up and coming animator and Judith is an internationally known artist. Rebecca has her own fashion line and has illustrated several children’s books to date.

I have a total of 4 completed manuscripts that need an illustrator and further collaboration. If one of these projects titles interest you or you are interested in collaborating on another project together, please fill out the form below. Submitting examples of your work are encouraged.

Rags - Story line : Lily the rag doll has been invited to the glam ball, but what does an ordinary rag doll wear to an extravagant ball?! 

No Veggie Kelsey : Story Line: Kelsey does NOT like veggies, join Kelseys sister and mother as they explore fun and creative ways to change her mind. 

Alana Gets the sillies: Story Line : Alana wakes up with a bad case of the sillies, watch out their contagious! 

The Dark : Story line: All kids are afraid of the dark, Mom helps daughter explore what good things happen at night, and why the dark is necessary. 

P.S. I am always on the lookout for new and creative ways to collaborate with other creatives. Contact me!

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Hi! I am Candice and Welcome to my website. This site was created to provide an environment that promotes creative collaboration. My personal musings and unfinished pieces are also available for you explore. Let’s get creative, together! 
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Becky Christen - Porkchop learns to Sign


Rebecca Armbrister Christen spent her earliest years between Washington DC, USA and Nassau, Bahamas. In 1986 she relocated to Nassau permanently where she attended St Andrews until graduating in 1999. Rebecca went on to graduate from Florida State University in 2005 after attending both their campuses in Tallahassee, Florida and Valencia, Spain. Her next 3 years were spent living in Miami, Florida before returning home to The Bahamas. Rebecca’s first children’s painting was created at the request of a friend. To her surprise more requests quickly followed giving birth to the idea for a series of island inspired paintings for children. As word spread of her children's paintings Rebecca was contacted by Bahamian author Jennifer Stack to illustrate her children's book 'The Adventures of Flip & Flop: Sole Survivors'. Since then Rebecca has illustrated several Bahamian children's books, now proudly included among them is 'Porkchop Learns To Sign.

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Internationally known artist Judith Papillon’s works illustrate the beauty of The Bahamas where she pools her inspiration. 

Born in Quebec City, Judith Papillon is an autodidact artist who portrays images of her adopted island of Andros in watercolour and acrylic. She graduated from Ottawa University with a B.A. in Translation and also received a Teaching Certificate from Concordia University in Montreal. 

Having a craving to experience new cultures, she has traveled extensively around the world, spending much time in Europe and touring fine art museums such as The Louvre, The Prado, and The Uffizi. Her world travels brought her throughout the Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Greece and the Mediterranean. 

 In 1998, Papillon visited the island of Andros and fell in love with the beauty and the special light that exists. She decided to establish roots. She built a home and became a teacher at North Andros High School where she taught Spanish for 10 years. She spends her days now creating. Recently she has illustrated a children’s book on the Swimming Pigs of The Bahamas.  Ms. Papillon’s works are exposed in Canada, Australia, England, France, Holland, the United States, The Bahamas and in private collections around the world.



Cameron D. Johnson is a Bahamian animator and illustrator studying at Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada. His interest in culture and folklore inspires the stories he tells in his work, exploring worlds where reality and fiction co-exist. Seeking to find the uniqueness in each new project, he works in a variety of styles, while drawing from his own influences of classical painting and animation. He is currently producing an animated short film featuring a band of stray-dogs playing Bahamian folk music called the Shanty Shack Shuffle.

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