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Keep your head up

Updated: May 3, 2020

This is a marathon not a sprint, and as such, some of the key elements to running a marathon still apply. Keep your head up, do not stare down, ignore what others are doing, find your own pace and stay the course.

Stay present

By now we have all begun to realize that every day has its own unique nuance to the ground hog day effect we are experiencing. Try to stay present and resist the temptation to float too far into the future, set a mental marker and stick to it as best you can. I have found personally that looking forward to anything beyond a week will result in mental fatigue. Set realistic expectations for yourself.

"Expectations when unrealistically set, have a funny way of turning into disappointment and disappointment when left unattended can fester into resentment ."


Conduct an EME scan daily

EME stands for Energy , Mood and Emotion.

When running a marathon one of the most important steps a runner can take is to perform a full body scan, this process helps to identify any misalignment in the body.

This exercise is just as essential during the current pandemic, except now it is transformed into a EME scan for our mental and emotional state.

By performing this quick scan you are able to conduct a simple pulse check on how you are coping and make small adjustments where you feel necessary. It's like taking a daily log of your mental state. At the end of a week you can see the ebb and flows of how you were feeling, allowing you to observe otherwise unnoticed nuances in your Energy levels, moods and emotions.


Establish a support system

Quarantine has robbed us of many of the familiar routines that make us feel safe and secure. We were flung into this unwillingly and with no choice in the matter, this helplessness strikes a cord within us all, and we are all coping the best we can.

More than ever we need each other and sometimes we are not even sure what it is we need from those we are closest to.

Establish a strong support system with those who you can reach out to and say," I am sad, I am scared, I am tired of this crap!"

When we build a support group to share these new and uncomfortable experiences with we create community and a sense of belonging. We don't feel so alone any more in these very intense isolating moments.

I can do it ... just keep swimming ...mantra mantra mantra

Repeating words that resonate deeply can act as a daily prayer, a mantra... a direct communication to the universe that says " Today this is my intention, this is my space, this is where I am in this moment." More than this it provides a fertile space for grace to take root, it is a crucial part of the surrender to the here and now.

Today my mantra is "I have done it before, I can do it again."

All the energies, moods and emotions...


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