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Trick or treat!

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

It was October 31st and there were cobwebs everywhere! Cocoplum was feeling rather spooky as she prepared her island cottage for Halloween. Her home was well known on the tropical island for being filled with both tricks and treats which is why the little swimming pigs loved to tour it on Halloween night.

Every year each room in her tiny island cottage was decorated with a special Halloween theme in mind. This year for her living room Cocoplum had selected a spooky ghost theme. She covered balloons with sheets and hung them from the ceiling. Cocoplum also gave her balloon ghost glowing eyes and played scary haunted house music in the background. Excited for the festivities to begin Cocoplum couldn't help but peek out of her porch window to see if she could spot the first of many trick or treaters.


As the moon began to rise quietly into the night's sky, the Swimming pigs donned their costumes and began to swim gingerly to shore. Their little curly tails acted like propellers while the stars guided them through the murky seas. Their tiny pink snouts were illuminated by the light of the moon.

The moment they set hooves on the sandy beach shore Tiny, Abaco and Spot were greeted with sounds of glee as they approached their friends. They were so excited to show off their costumes.

Abaco roared like a Lion in the jungle "ROAAARRRR" He bellowed rather enthusiastically

Tiny was very proud of his Ghost costume. He secretly hoped that Cocoplum would not recognize him this year.

Spot was a dashing and daring pirate ready to take on the high seas. "Arghh Matey's! "

The Swimming Pigs were looking forward to the annual Halloween adventure and simply couldn’t wait to hear all the laughs and screams coming from Cocoplums cottage.

Suddenly a voice in the wind whispered "Beware little pigs...!!"

But the message was lost in the tropical breeze, the pigs squeals of delight had muffled the ominous warning. The rambunctious group headed down the winding path to Miss Cocoplum's cottage with thoughts of their favorite candies racing through their heads. "snickers, reeses peanut butter cups, candy corn, Carmel squares.. yum! "

Who knows what ghosts and goblins they will encounter on their way!

*To be continued.. 2022!*


Share your spookiest experience in the comments section below and win a one-of-a-kind Halloween illustration signed by Judith Papillon

**Wishing everyone a fun and safe October from Cocoplum and the Swimming pigs!

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