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Joy and the Dark

Illustration by Martina Heiduczek


"And as you lean into Light, be gentle with the word "darkness." For more than it merely means wrong or bad, it is also the color of a full, starless night sky, and actual bodies of human beings who have been overlooked too many times."Morgan Harper Nichols


Joy and the Dark

Joy peers out of her window,

night has begun to fall.

The Dark is coming.

“I am afraid of the dark” Joy whispers as she climbs into her bed.

There are things in the dark.

Scary things…

“Goblins and gremlins awake in the dark.

Things that go bump in the night,

come out and play in the dark.

Skeletons rattle and shake in the dark.

Monster’s hold monster parades in the dark.

Creepy crawlies creep in the dark.

Witches brew potions and chant in the dark.

Wizards don their capes and cast spells in the dark.”

“Go away!” Joy shouts at the dark as it begins to gather in

her room. “I am scared of the dark!”

“The Dark lurks under the bed waiting for you to close your eyes.

The dark hides in closets and under the stairs.

Shadows grow in the dark.

Ghost moan and stretch in the dark.

Things are lost in the dark.

Secrets unfold in the dark.

Wolves’ growl and howl in the dark.

Bats spread their wings and take flight in the dark.

Vampires hunt and bite in the dark.”


The Dark begins to fill Joy’s room.

No corner or crevice escapes its reach.

Finally, it settles at the edge of her bed.

Under the covers Joy hides. She begins to tremble and shake when suddenly a gentle voice comes out of the dark…

“Sweet Joy do not fear the dark. There is also great beauty in the dark."

"For the Dark cradles the moon and imparts its glorious light.

Sweet dreams are woven in the mist of the night.

Comets take flight in the dark,

Wishes are made in the dark,

Candles burn bright in the dark,

Tales of old are told in the dark.

Stars shine their brightest when set against the dark.

Fireworks sparkle and light up the sky when lit in the dark

Bonfires are made in the dark.

Firefly’s flicker and glow in the dark.

Angels dressed in white kiss the heads of newborn babes in the dark."

Calm quietly takes fears place as the Dark gently cloaks Joy in its warm embrace.

Joy’s eyes begin to close, the light of the moon shines softly upon her face. She smiles as she listens to the song of the nightingale; the dark is filled with the music of the night.

“Rest now Joy, there is no need to fear.” the Dark whispers gently.

“Sleep is almost here.”

“Always remember that it is the dark

that welcomes the morning at the end of

each and every night”.


All the Energies, Moods and Emotions. C xx

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