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Post It Journal Project

Updated: Dec 30, 2020


We are all collectively processing a range of emotions and feelings as a result of COV-19(bad dreams, anxiety, existential dread). Journaling can be a powerful tool giving us the ability to bring these emotions and past traumas to the surface so that we may work through them. During a time where adding one more thing feels exhausting my “Post it journals” can be used to provide a snap shot of where you are emotionally/ energetically along with a small mantra / prayer to get you through the day.

Update: The post it journal is currently featured in issue 1 of Finding Home Bahamas!

Islands in Isolation

Between April and December 2020, Finding Home Bahamas invited submissions of any type that expressed how individuals in The Bahamas were doing, feeling, and spending their days during the period of self-isolation and quarantine due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The contributions are shared in issue 1 of the Finding Home Magazine. The collection is saved and archived with Finding Home Bahamas and the University of The Bahamas Special Collections for future reference and educational use.

If you'd like to participate, copy and paste the below into the comments section.

____ Energy: Mood: Emotion: Today’s personal mantra: If you had to paint a wall the color of your mood what color would it be: Final step: Provide your email address and I will send you your very own post it journal entry and add it to the project! If you are uncomfortable in putting your name I will simply mark it ANON.

Until next time, all the energies, moods and emotions,


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Maelynn Seymour-Major
Maelynn Seymour-Major
Aug 12, 2020

Energy: Hype

Mood: Creative/Growth/Experimental

Emotion: Cool

Today’s personal mantra: Claim all of the rest you need today, to fuel new challenges tomorrow.

If you had to paint a wall the color of your mood what color would it be: Jade green


Aug 06, 2020

Energy: Hopeful

Mood: Optimistic

Emotion: Positivity

Today’s personal mantra:

Accepting this new Beginning...and serving with a positive mindset!

If you had to paint a wall the color of your mood what color would it be: Rose pink!


Sherkera Roberts

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